Von der “Gateway City” zur transnationalen Metropole: Vancouver im 21. Jahrhundert

Publikationen, VanSea, Zeitschriftenbeiträge  /   /  By Thomas Ott

HUTTON, Thomas / OTT, Thomas (2006): Von der “Gateway City” zur transnationalen Metropolis: Vancouver im 21. Jahrhundert. Geographische Rundschau 58 (9), 20-28


Over the past four decades Vancouver has undergone a series of transformational changes in development orientation, industrial structure, and urban identity. During this period, Greater Vancouver has also experienced fundamental changes with respect to the region’s industrial mix, economic base, labour force, market orientation, and overall development trajectory. The essay comprises a short profile of sequences of defining changes over the last decades of the 20th century; and, secondly a characterization of ist current development, emphasizing changes in Vancouver’s external relations, as well as the importance of the central city as a marker of transformative change.


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