Time-integrative GIS. Management and analysis of spatio-temporal data

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OTT, Thomas / SWIACZNY, Frank (2001): Time-integrative GIS. Management and analysis of spatio-temporal data, Berlin / Heidelberg / New York: Springer


The book deals with the integration of temporal information in Geographic Information Systems. The main purpose of an historical or time-integrative GIS is to reproduce spatio- temporal processes or sequents of events in the real world in the form of a model. The model thus making them accessible for spatial query, analysis and visualization. This volume reflects both theoretical thoughts on the interrelations of space and time, as well as practical examples taken from various fields of application (e.g. business data warehousing, demographics, history and spatial analysis).


Leseproben und eine vollständige eBook-Ausgabe sind auf der Seite des Springer-Verlages erhältlich:


“In keeping with their promise of a solutions-oriented approach to presenting time in GIS, the authors give a wealth of interesting examples.”
Environment and Planning b vol 30, no. 3, 2003, pp. 465-466

“Mensen die nog nooit met GIS hebben gewerkt, maar dit overwegen te doen, hebben hier echter een prima GIS-leeboek mee in handen. In de breedte worden beginnende gebruikers goed op weg geholpen, terwijl er ruim voldoende verwijzingen (onder meer een literatuurlist van 53 pagina’s) zijn om diepere kennis op te doen.”
Kartografisch Tijdschrift vol. XXVII, no. 4, 2001, S. 59-60


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